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We believe that lean is about people's behaviours, specifically how they go about grasping their current situation, creating a shared better future "target condition" using insights into their customers' wants, and then getting there by rapid loops of problem solving and learning.

Lean Transformation

Understand what your customer values and identify it in your current organisation. Create a vision for a brighter future to share with the organization via well-planned communications. Plan change together that makes sense, change to improve the flow of value that customers can pull through the organization when they want it. Deliver it and create a can-do culture to make it work and pursue perfection daily. That’s doing lean.

Lean is not just a list of tools and techniques, though there is some nifty stuff. We believe lean is a behaviour and some crisp rules to point that behaviour in the right direction. That’s how you make lean work in your organization, and leanideas will help you do just that.

Performance Improvement

Real improvement is the result of learning about the processes we have in place today. For this reason we use

Process Innovation

Sometimes we need to do things differently, not just the same things better. At leanideas we like to talk about a helpful structure for creativity and being creative about our structure. When we create a new process, we think you need to do both. By testing great ideas quickly we can make them real or park them more quickly, and that’s the ethos behind the process we have. It has the benefits that our clients can

We have made exactly this approach work in a broad range of projects: consumer packaged goods, industrial processes, medical devices & pharmaceuticals (validation), industrial products and capital equipment.

Your Lean Education

leanideas can run a series of made to measure workshops that combine your requirements with our core lean values. Examples of lean education we have undertaken include

Our emphasis is always on theory applied to your organisation, real results and sustainability in the approach and detailed methods. All our materials use adult learning theory and embody the principle that we need to SEE, SHOW, HAVE A GO.

“If the learner hasn’t learnt, the teacher hasn’t taught”
Mr Fujio Cho, Toyota