Lean Solutions for Service Industry

Our lean solutions for service industry emphasise improvements to customer experience that are simple and scaleable within your organisation. They can be implemented quickly, and are not tied to complex IT workflow solutions. They are borne out of simple, creative solutions, developed and tested by cross-functional teams from a diagonal slice of your organisation. We help you to look at the end to end journey your customers make, and focus on a capable process to take them through with

With the right sponsorship from within your organisation, we will show your teams how to see the entire process, including outsourced and offshore stages using value stream mapping. Next create an improved future state (consistent with your strategy and your new insights) using A3 problem solving to create, test and implement new current-best standards to add value for your customers and do as little else as possible! Finally, through a daily team meeting discipline called Daily Management, we show your teams how to develop their own fast cycles of sustainment and improvement. The team use only critical measurements and their newfound zeal and passion for ongoing problem solving.

Once we have done this once together, we can then help build your sustainability in this powerful and simple approach to pursuing the ideal customer solution.

The result: You focus your organization on your customer and create the essential conditions for your teams to act on that focus.